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Foster care for Alfie

Foster Care For Alfie

Foster care for Alfie: It’s been just over two weeks ago since we said goodbye to our little foster boy Alfie. After a wonderful few months of having him with us, he is now in his forever home. We have had regular updates he seems to be settling in very well. We miss him dearly but it’s been so lovely receiving photos of Alfie.

During the time we had Alfie, he lost a good amount of weight. Weighing at 11.2 when he came to us in December we got his weight down to 9.5. This was all to do with putting him on a good raw diet and being a dog-walker he got regular exercise. He is partially blind and needed a lot of guidance, especially when out walking. As he relied on Peggy, my own pug, I decided to put a little bell on her collar so Alfie could hear where she was going. It was so lovely to watch the two of them together and that for me is what I miss the most. He was such a happy little dog to have around, so gentle, calming, and would shower you with lots of licks and sneezes.

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