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Application Form

Fill in the form below to apply to volunteer.

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Confidential Agreement
By submitting this form you understand that, during your time as a volunteer, information will be disclosed to me that the rescue considers to be of a confidential nature. You also understand that it is important to the business of rescue that such information be kept confidential and that the rescue will require that this information should not be disclosed or used except as agreed by the rescue in advance. A dog in foster has to be allowed to leave its past behind and move forward. As such, no photos or information about the dog are to be posted on social media or given to any other individual without the prior consent of the rescue. You confirm that I agree to keep confidential all information disclosed to me by an admin team member and all other rescue business. You confirm that I will not make use of such information without prior written agreements with the NPPT, the consent of whom will only be provided upon a decisive vote by a quorum of the NPPT trustees. You understand that this agreement does not cover information which is already generally known or which I can show was known to me prior to becoming a volunteer.
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