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What is rescue?

Rescue is:

• when a dog is taken from a dangerous or potentially dangerous or unhealthy situation i.e. perhaps they have been picked up as stray and are at risk of being put to sleep 

• their owner has died and there is no family or friends able to take on the dog and it is at risk of being put to sleep 

• the animal is being abused or neglected 

A rescue will step in with emergency foster care whilst they fully assess the dog and find them a new home.

Rehoming your dog 

This is when your circumstances change and you as a responsible dog owner for whatever reason can no longer look after your pet.  

Rescue should only be asked to step in when you have explored every other option 

Please ensure that you have: 

• contacted the breeder you got your dog from 

• checked in with friends and family to see if they are able to help 

• try to re-home your dog yourself. You are capable of doing a home-check and seeing any potential new homes and you can work with the new owner and advise the type of home your dog needs to thrive. After all you know your dog better than anyone else. 

• we do not support the advertising of dogs on Gumtree or Facebook

Rescues are now in the situation where they are being flooded with unwanted pets for a variety of reasons and are being limited to what dogs they can help.  

We have limited foster homes and limited funds.  We are not the solution to you having not taken out insurance or are not able to fund your own vet fees.

This is not a post to criticise people for wanting to re-home their dogs.  

This is simply to make people aware that when you take on a dog whether it be a pup or a rescue. Think long and hard about the what ifs. What if MY circumstances were to change. …….What would I do …… 

We have limited resources therefore we will have to prioritise depending on the risk to the dog. We will only be able to take those dogs that we are confident of being able to re-home.

Please help us to help as many dogs as possible through these tough times by taking responsibility as dogs owner to do everything you possibly can and only use rescue as a last option.  

It’s becoming too easy for people to just leave it to rescue to pick up the pieces.  

So please, remember what rescue stands for and be aware that we feel guilty when we have no option but to say, NO.

If you need support, call us on 07746 259516 or email

How to bequeath my pug

We all worry whSurrender - image Pug-Bequeathment-card-01-01-300x194 on https://pugprotectiontrust.orgat will happen to our pugs when we are no longer around. Why not bequeath your pug to the National Pug Protection Trust? They will promise to find the very best home for your beloved pug when the time comes.

Simply download the Codicil, complete it, send a copy to  and keep the original safe with your will.

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