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Surrendering your pug

We know that life rarely goes according to plan and things don’t always work out, including owning a pug. We’re here to help. If you think you may need to give your pug up for adoption, make us your first port of call.

We know this is a tough decision, and we won’t judge you for needing to find your pug a new home. Asking us for help is the most responsible thing you can do for your pug.

If you need support, call us on 07746259516 or email [email protected]

How to bequeath my pug

We all worry whSurrender - image Pug-Bequeathment-card-01-01-300x194 on https://pugprotectiontrust.orgat will happen to our pugs when we are no longer around. Why not bequeath your pug to the National Pug Protection Trust? They will promise to find the very best home for your beloved pug when the time comes.

Simply download the Codicil, complete it, send a copy to [email protected]  and keep the original safe with your will.

Contact us for support

We’re ready to help and support you.

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