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Why not treat yourself to some of our lovely merchandise, whilst helping to raise vital funds for pugs in need.

Hoodies are  £30 inc postage (pre-order item)

Polo shirts are  £18 inc postage (pre-order item)

Car stickers are £3

Sew on badges are £3

Pens are £2

Trolley tokens are two for £5

Car air fresheners are £3

Bandannas are £6

Various multi-sets can be purchased e.g. a stationery set containing 1 pen, 1 jotter pad and 1 sticky note pad is £7 inc postage (contact the Treasurer for further information)

2024 Calendars are £10 inc P&P

To purchase any of our promotional items please email either: or [email protected] 

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Recommended by NPPT

Sherlock Engraved Gifts

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We are pleased to announce our collaboration with  Sherlock Engraved Gifts. Every order from them earns the charity a much needed donation.

Why not visit their shop for further inspiration

Fetch Designs

Shop - image Fetch-Designs-300x300 on

Why not visit Fetch Designs UK on Etsy and treat your pooch to a new bandanna!

Please quote NPPT on all of your purchases.


Dear Peggy

Shop - image  on

With Christmas coming why not buy some of Claudia’s stunning Pebble Art

Please quote NPPT on all of your purchases.

Handmade by Fifi

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Hand made bespoke dog bedding. All products used are UK sourced and conform to uk safety laws.

Please quote NPPT on all of your purchases.

Contact us for support

We’re ready to help and support you.

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